Registration Information

Admission Registration Fee
Member of KBCRN JPY 4,000
General JPY 10,000
Healthcare provider(*1) JPY 9,000
Healthcare provider(*1) / Japanese Breast Cancer Society Member JPY 8,000
Trainee(*2) / Graduate Student(*3) Free
Trainee(*2) / Graduate Student(*3) (Japanese Breast Cancer Society Member) Free
Undergraduate(*3) / Member of patients' Society(*4) Free
(*1) Healthcare provider means a nurse, a pharmacist and others working for a medical institution.
An official certificate or a letter signed by your immediate superior must be sent to the registration desk by fax or e-mail.
(*2) Trainee must be within 5 years of graduating from a medical school and is required to send an official letter proving such status ( signed by your immediate superior ) to the registration desk by fax or e-mail.
(*3) Graduate Student / Undergraduate is required to send the copy of your student ID to the registration desk by fax or e-mail.
(*4) The people who are registered in the class under Member of Patients' Society can not ask questions. In the case of registering as a Member of Patients' Society, please e-mail the details below to the Secretariat. We will reply to you and you will be able to register after the Secretariat has checked that you are a Member of Patients' Society.
  • title of the e-mail: Member of Patients' Society, wishing to register to attend
  • the content of the e-mail: 1. Name 2. Name of the Patients' Society which you belong to 3. URL of the Society 4. Reference (the name of the representative of the Society) 5. Contact details which you wish us to return a reply to.

* If any person who doesn't belong to a Patients' Society wishes to attend, please contact us with the reason why you wish to attend.

The best of SABCS Optional Seminar Fee
SEMINAR: Techniques to Improve Abstract Writing for Acceptance,
and how to submit an abstract to the SABCS by Prof. Jatoi & Prof. Toi
General Admission JPY 5,000
Healthcare provider JPY 15,000
Students Free

Registration Desk


FAX: 075-320-2575

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Payment should be made through PayPal.
Registration desk staff will issue an invoice and send it by email.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

PayPal app info is here

Cancellation, Change and Refund Policy

No refund will be made after PayPal invoice issuing, however an alternative delegate name may be provided in writing and the funds will be allocated accordingly.

Registration fees and optional course fees are quoted in Japanese yen. Consumption tax at 10% is included.

Participants acknowledge and consent that during their attendance at Best of SABCS Kyoto, their image or voice may be recorded via video, photograph or by any other means ("recorded") by an officer or official of Best of SABCS Kyoto which may be distributed or published at the discretion of the Organisers of the symposium. If you do not wish to be recorded, you are required to formally advise the secretariat in advance by email.

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Privacy Policy

We believe that protecting the personal information of our registrants and all those affiliated with us is a major responsibility as we put our mission into practice, in addition to declaring our intent to take all possible measures to protect personal information based on all applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy protection, we will engage in the following efforts:

  1. Collection and use of personal information
    We will carry out appropriate collection, use and transfer personal information in light of our description and scope of business. In the case of collecting personal information, we will make the purpose of use clear and will collect personal information with obtaining clear consent if necessary. We will also establish an internal management system and implement safety measures to ensure that personal information is not used outside the scope of the following purposes of use.
    (1) For various procedures and liaison connected with participation in Convention.
    (2) For sending abstracts of Convention.
  2. Management and protection of personal information
    We will carefully manage personal information and will not disclose or provide such data to third parties except in cases where the registrants has given their consent. We will also implement safety measures and take corrective action to prevent personal information from being leaked, lost or damaged.
  3. Observance of laws and norms
    We will abide by laws that apply to the personal information which we hold, guideline and other norms.
  4. Handling of complaints and inquiries
    We have established a system and procedures for accepting and handling inquiries and complaints with respect to the personal information which we hold and respond to them promptly.
  5. Continuous improvement of management system and mechanisms for protection of personal information
    We will carry out continuous improvement of our management system and mechanisms for the protection of personal information.

    Contact for complains and inquiries about the handling of personal information
    Contact us at:
    Best of SABCS Kyoto (Sat. 8th & Sun. 9th January 2022, JST)
    FAX: 075-320-2575

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